Sterling Silver Yin Yang Celtic Triquetra Knot Ring

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The Yin Yang symbol represents the perfect balance between dualities (i.e. masculine and feminine, light and dark, warm and cool). The smaller circles within each half remind us that a portion of the opposing element exists in each duality. It is the religious symbol of Taoism and is worn by followers of Eastern philosophy. This is paired on either side with a Celtic Triquetra Knot, which represents the sacred Trinity referenced in many traditions. To Christians, it's the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. To Wiccans and Neo-Pagans, it's the three phases of the Goddess.

  • Made of .925 solid sterling silver with enamel accents
  • Available in sizes 4-15
  • Ring exchanges are available if you need to swap a size
  • The yin-yang design, the widest point of the band, measures 1 cm in diameter