Sterling Silver Aum Om Ring with Triquetra

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Above you will find the Triquetra Aum Ring. The perfect ring to invite magick into your life.

The Aum or Om pictogram is the greatest Hindu symbol, representing the Brahman or Absolute, the source of all. The Brahman is beyond comprehension and it is therefore necessary to represent it with a symbol, the Aum. Flanked on either side by the triquetra knot which illustrates the threefold divinity found in the Triple Goddess of Wicca, pagan and witchcraft traditions.

- Aum Ring is made of .925 solid sterling silver
- Aum Ring Available in sizes 4-15
- Ring exchanges are available if you need to swap a size
- The widest point of the band, the AUM symbol, measures 1.2 CM


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