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Throughout the tapestry of time, ravens have flown as guardians on the seeker's journey. Their inky wings shield our sacred truths and the potent energies we weave. With eyes like twilight pools, they hold the whispers of forgotten wisdom, messages from the ethereal realms, and the raw power of transformation. Their keen intellect mirrors the awakened seeker's own intuition. Ravens pierce through illusion, revealing the veiled truths. In some traditions, they act as spirit animals, guides bridging the gap between the earthly plane and the boundless spirit realm, carrying potent messages and omens. Adorn yourself with this raven necklace, a talisman of the power you hold within. Let this piece be a reminder to embrace the metamorphosis that life offers, to unlock the ancient knowledge that lies dormant within, and to soar on your path of intuitive awakening.

- An original jewerly design by artist Pagan Paul Borda of Dryad Design
- Pendant made of .925 Solid Sterling Silver
- Pendant Measures 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm) in diameter
- Single sided
- 24 inch black cord necklace included

© Paul Borda Dryad Design