Oak Pentacle Leaf Ring

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Oak Pentacle Leaf Ring holds a wealth of symbolism. The pentacle, with its upright points, can act as a spiritual protective shield, representing the balance of the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit) within you and the world around. The oak leaves, powerful symbols in Pagan traditions, add a layer of strength, stability, grounding, and wisdom. The silver itself connects to lunar energies and intuition. When worn, this ring can be a talisman for protection, connection to nature, and balanced intuition. To personalize it further, imbue the ring with your own intentions through rituals or meditations. By combining the inherent symbolism with your personal touch, this beautiful piece can become a powerful tool.

- Made of sterling silver with 925 stamp
- Available in sizes 4-15
- Band measures 1/4 inch (.63 cm) at widest point