Blessed be witches and Pagans! Mabon, the autumn equinox, approaches with crisp air and shortening days. This sabbat, a turning point in the wheel of the year, brings equal day and night, harvest bounty, and introspective reflection. We celebrate Mabon, also known as the "Second Harvest" or "Witch's Thanksgiving," by expressing gratitude for the Earth's abundance. Gather the fruits of your gardens, both literal and metaphorical, and give thanks for sustenance. Decorate your altar with vibrant autumn symbols and earthy tones of orange, red, and gold to reflect the changing season. Mabon isn't just about external abundance; it's about inner balance too. As day and night reach equilibrium, we strive for the same within ourselves. Reflect on the year's lessons, releasing what no longer serves you and making space for new beginnings. Consider incorporating meditation, journaling, or a simple gratitude ritual into your practice. Here at Moonlight Mysteries, we have everything you need for a meaningful Mabon celebration. Find beautiful candle holders, grounding pentacles, or amulets to promote abundance and inner peace. Consider adding a statue or a new altar pentacle to enhance your rituals. As we move towards darker days, Mabon reminds us to cherish the harvest, find inner balance, and prepare for a time of reflection. We at Moonlight Mysteries thank you for celebrating with us! Blessed Mabon to all.