Sterling Silver Celtic Goddess Morrigan Raven Stud Earrings

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Ravens, with their inky black feathers, haunting calls, and intelligence have captivated cultures for millennia. Ravens are often seen as guardians of secrets and magick. They might hold the key to hidden knowledge or be messengers from the spirit world. These adaptable birds symbolize metamorphosis. They can be a sign that you're about to undergo a big change or a reminder to embrace transformation with courage. Their connection to carrion (decaying flesh) ties them to death. But death isn't an ending, it's a transition. Ravens can represent endings that make way for new beginnings. Their sharp minds and problem-solving skills make ravens symbols of intelligence and the ability to see through illusions to uncover the truth. In some cultures, ravens are messengers between the physical world and the spirit realm. They can aid in prophetic messages from beyond. So wear your raven earrings as a symbol of your magickal guide, urging you to embrace change and aiding in unlocking hidden knowledge.

- An original design by artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design
- Made of .925 Solid Sterling Silver
- Measures 5/16 inches (0.8 cm) tall by 5/16 inches (0.8 cm) wide
- Single sided-
© Paul Borda Dryad Design all rights reserved