Sterling Silver Small Morrigan Raven Pendant

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Unleash the power of the Morrigan with this captivating Sterling Silver Morrigan Raven Pendant. The Morrigan, a revered Celtic goddess, is often depicted as a raven, symbolizing prophecy, battle, and fate. This beautiful pendant features a striking raven design, embodying the Morrigan's strength, wisdom, and connection to the mysteries of the Otherworld. Crafted from high-quality .925 sterling silver, this pendant is a perfect addition to any jewelry collection and a treasured gift for those who follow a Wiccan or Pagan path, or simply appreciate beautiful and symbolic jewelry. The raven's image serves as a powerful reminder of The Morrigan's influence in the realms of war, prophecy, and protection.

- An original design by artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design
- Made of .925 Solid Sterling Silver
- Measures 7/8 inches (2.2 cm) tall by 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) wide
- Single sided
- 24 inch black cord necklace included

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