Snake Necklace Sterling Silver Ouroboros Pentacle Pendant

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The Ouroboros is a symbol that depicts a snake consuming its own tail, representing infinite cyclicality and the fundamental balance of existence. This symbol has a rich history in the field of alchemy and serves as an important reminder of the interconnectedness of all things. The pentagram, a five-pointed star, is a symbol that holds sacred meaning for many spiritual traditions and is steeped in symbolism. It has also been used in architecture and decorative motifs throughout history as a representation of mathematical precision and balance. In Hermetic and Ceremonial Magick, the pentagram serves as a symbol of the four elements and spirit, and is a central symbol in Wicca and paganism. Its various meanings reflect its multifaceted nature and its ability to symbolize universal truths and concepts across different cultures and belief systems.

- Made of .925 solid sterling silver
- Natural garnet gemstone
- Measures approximately 1 1/8 inches (2.8 cm) in diameter
- Single sided
- 24 inch black cord necklace included