Sterling Silver Crescent Raven Pentacle Ring

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For ages untold, ravens have been companions on the witch's path. They guard our deepest secrets and the potent magick we weave. These keen-eyed birds hold the keys to forgotten lore, messages from beyond the veil and the raw power of transformation. Their sharp minds mirror the witch's own cunning. Ravens see through illusion, revealing the hidden truths that fuel spells and rituals. In some traditions, they act as familiars, spirit allies who bridge the gap between the physical world and the spirit realm, carrying potent messages and omens. Wear this raven ring as a symbol of the power that you hold. Let this jewelry be a reminder to embrace change, unlock the hidden knowledge that lies within and to help you on your path.

- Made of .925 pure sterling silver
- Available in sizes 5-12
- Ring band measures 1.7 at widest point
- An original design by Paul Borda of Dryad Design
- © Paul Borda Dryad Design all rights reserved