God Candle Holder

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The two faces of the God stand back-to-back representing duality. The Leaf King, or Leaf Man, reigns Spring to Fall as the God of plenty and fruitful harvest. He is boisterous and loud, full of life, song, stories, and jokes. Carefree and thrilled to be alive, life arises wherever his staff touches. The Stag King, or Antlered God, along with his devoted hound, rules in the dark of the year and leads the wild hunt. His horns connect him with the animals who give sustenance in winter. The torc on his arm is a mystical symbol of authority. The Ram-headed serpent represents his seasonal office, possibly, Scorpio to Aries, his astrological reign.

- Measures 7 5/8 inches in height by 4 3/8 inches wide, with a depth of 4 3/8 inches
- Created from the sculpture work of Paul Borda of Dryad Design
- A beautiful decorative element for your home or altar
- A mesmerizing blend of cast resin and a hand-applied finish
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