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Honor the Allfather: Odin Pendant Viking Necklace

Embrace the power of the Viking gods with this captivating Odin Pendant Necklace. This detailed piece features a powerful depiction of Odin, the Allfather, revered in Norse mythology as the god of wisdom, poetry, and war. Odin's image is enriched with important Viking runes, symbolizing passion, victory, and heritage.

  • Odin: The Allfather This pendant showcases a majestic image of Odin, the Viking god of wisdom, poetry, and war, holding his mighty spear Gungnir.
  • Norse Rune Symbols: The design incorporates three significant runes: Ken (passion and guidance), Tir (victory and leadership), and Othala (heritage).
  • High-Quality Jewelry: Made from gleaming nickel-free and lead-free excelsior pewter, this pendant offers long-lasting beauty and comfortable wear.
  • Adjustable Cord for Comfort: The included 30-inch (76 cm) adjustable cord ensures a perfect fit for comfortable everyday wear. A pewter accent bead adds a touch of elegance.
  • Double-Sided Design: The image of Odin and the runes are mirrored on both sides of the pendant which measures 1.37" (3.4 cm) tall.

Pay homage to the mighty Odin and celebrate Viking heritage with this captivating Odin Pendant Necklace!