Large Sterling Silver Wheel Of The Year Pendant

PS-TPD-232 / NC-1020
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The wheel of the year is a sacred cycle, a witches tapestry woven with the threads of nature's ever-turning wheel. It's a time to dance with the seasons, to cast spells with the changing tides of the Earth and the Sun. Each Sabbat is a potent time to connect with the earth's magick, a doorway to deeper self-reflection and working with the energetic flow of the world. Celebrate the turning of the wheel everyday with this bronze Wheel of the Year pendant necklace. It makes the perfect gift for yourself or for that magickal person in your life.

- Made of solid sterling silver with 925 hallmark stamp
- Single sided design
- Measures approximately 1 3/16 inches (3.0 cm) in diameter
- Accommodates a chain thickness up to 4 mm
- Sterling silver chain necklace included

Metal weight:
7.8 grams