Hermes Caduceus Pentacle Jewelry Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Within the pantheon of Greek Gods, Hermes danced on the wind, a whirlwind of divine energy. Son of the thunderous Zeus and the Maia of the twilight grotto, he was the fleet-footed messenger, his winged sandals whispering secrets as he traversed the celestial realms, the mortal world, and the shadowy underworld. A cunning trickster, his laughter echoed in tales of stolen cattle and playful mischief, yet his influence wove far deeper. Hermes, the lord of travelers, was the unseen guide on every journey, his presence felt in the rustle of foreign leaves and the promise of safe passage. He presided over bustling marketplaces, his charm blessing the deals of merchants and the clever schemes of some well-placed thieves. Words flowed through him, for he was the spark of invention, the mind that gifted humanity with the lyre's song, the written word, and the thrill of chance with his cast of dice. Even the veil of death did not hold him back, for Hermes, the psychopomp, could shepherd souls on their final voyage. His emblem, the Caduceus, a staff entwined by serpents and crowned with wings, was a whispered promise – a symbol of balance, of potent forces held in perfect harmony, a reminder that even in the mysteries of the unseen, Hermes danced with divine grace.

- Jewelry Pendant is made .925 solid sterling silver
- Measures approximately 1 1/8 inches (3 cm) in diameter
- Single sided Wiccan Jewelry design
- The bale fits chains up to 4 mm in thickness
- Includes black cord measuring 24 inches in length