Green Man Pagan God Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver

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In many pagan communities, the green man is a prominent symbol associated with nature, growth, and fertility. The green man is frequently depicted as a male figure with a beard of leaves and branches, and he is often considered to be an embodiment of the forest and the cycles of the seasons. The green man is seen by some as a manifestation of the masculine aspect of the divine and a representation of the divine presence in nature. In addition, the green man is sometimes seen as a guardian of the natural world and a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things. He is often depicted in art, literature, and other forms of expression, and his image is often used in rituals and ceremonies that celebrate the sacredness of the natural world.

- Made of sterling silver with 925 stamp
- Measures 1 1/8 inch (2.8 cm) in diameter, excluding the bale
- Single sided design
- Encircled by the alchemical symbols of the planets
- Accommodates a chain thickness up to 4 mm
- 24 inch black cord necklace included

Metal Weight:
11.1 grams