• Ajna  Third Eye Brow Chakra Pendant - Sterling Silver Vermeil Jewelry

Ajna Brow Chakra Pendant - Sterling Silver Vermeil


Ajna (along with Bindu), is also known as the third eye chakra) is linked to the pineal gland which may inform a model of its envisioning. The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and waking up. Ajna is symbolized by a lotus with two petals, and corresponds to the color white, indigo or deep blue. Ajna's key issues involve balancing the higher & lower selves and trusting inner guidance. Ajna's inner aspect relates to the access of intuition. Emotionally, Ajna deals with clarity on an intuitive level.

  • Measures approximately 7/8 inches (2.3 cm) wide
  • Made of .925 solid sterling silver 14k gold plating (2 microns)
  • Single sided
  • The bale fits chains up to 3 mm in thickness

You may purchase the pendant alone, or pair it with the perfect chain! You can view our full selection of styles and sizes here.

Stock Number: PS-MPD-1509

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