Cerridwen | Pendant Necklace | Sterling Silver

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Cerridwen's cauldron is a tale and symbol of personal transformation. The year and a day of brewing symbolize the dedication required to forge ourselves anew. The spilled drops whisper of magick's unpredictable dance, showering wisdom and inspiration upon those open to its embrace. Witches sometimes place a cauldron on their altar, a tangible symbol of transformative power. It becomes a focal point for meditations seeking guidance during times of profound change. Thus, Cerridwen and her cauldron stand as potent icons – a testament to the hidden potential within, the transformative power of change and unseen influence that magick plays in our lives. This Cerridwen pendant necklace is crafted from sterling silver and designed to be a symbol of your personal transformation.


- An original jewelry design by Pagan artist Paul Borda of Dryad Design
- Pendant measures 7/8 inch (2.2 cm) tall
- Pendant made of .925 solid sterling silver
- A single sided jewelry design
- This bale fits a necklace chain up to 3 mm in thickness
- The metal weight of the pendant is approximately 4.8 grams
- 24 inch black cord necklace is included

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