Pentacle of the Moon Talisman Necklace

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Embrace Lunar Harmony with the Pentacle of the Moon Talisman Necklace

Cultivate tranquility and well-being with the Pentacle of the Moon Talisman Necklace. This enchanting pendant features two lunar symbols, believed to harmonize with the moon's energy for a sense of peace, protection, and inner healing.

  • Unleash the Moon's Power: This talisman combines the fifth and sixth pentacle of the moon, symbols associated with restful sleep, emotional balance, and freedom from negativity.
  • Embrace Lunar Light: Worn by those seeking to connect with the moon's gentle influence, this amulet is said to promote restful sleep, enhance healing abilities, and create a shield against negativity.
  • Crafted with Care: Made from high-quality, nickel-free and lead-free excelsior pewter in the USA, this pendant is a beautiful and durable addition to your collection.
  • Adjustable for Comfort: Wear your talisman close with the included adjustable cord necklace (30"/76 cm) featuring laminated ends and a pewter accent bead.
  • Double-Sided Jewelry Design: This pendant features a unique and powerful symbol on each side, offering a multifaceted approach to channeling lunar energy.
  • Substantial Size: The amulet measures approximately 1.5" (3.8 cm) in diameter, making a noticeable and elegant statement piece.

The Pentacle of the Moon Talisman Necklace is a symbol of your connection to the lunar rhythms and a reminder of the tranquility and healing power that awaits you. Add this talisman to your collection and embrace the moon's gentle glow today!