Wheel of the Year | Pagan Plaque | Wiccan Gift Decor | 5 5/8 inches

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The wheel of the year is a sacred cycle, a witches tapestry woven with the threads of nature's ever-turning wheel. It's a time to dance with the seasons, to cast spells with the changing tides of the Earth and the Sun. Each Sabbat is a potent time to connect with the earth's magick, a doorway to deeper self-reflection and working with the energetic flow of the world. Samhain; The veil between the worlds thins on this night. We feast with the ancestors, honoring the dead and celebrating the mysteries of darkness. It's a perfect time for divination and shadow work, facing the parts of ourselves we keep hidden. Yule; The darkest night gives birth to the returning sun. We gather around the Yule log, a beacon of warmth and light pushing back the shadows. It's a time for setting intentions for the coming year, and for spells focused on protection and prosperity. Imbolc, The earth stirs beneath the blanket of snow. We celebrate Brigid, the fire goddess, and the quickening pulse of life returning. It's a time for purification rituals, fertility magick, and brewing protective charms. Ostara, spring bursts forth, day and night balanced under the Equinox sun. We celebrate the earth's awakening, planting seeds for new beginnings. It's a perfect time for fertility spells, love rituals, and manifesting your desires. Beltane, fires blaze bright as we celebrate the peak of spring's fertility. We dance with the Fae folk, honoring the wild abundance of the earth. It's a time for passion rituals, celebrating sexuality, and strengthening bonds with loved ones. Midsummer, the longest day, bathed in the sun's golden rays. We honor the sun's power at its peak, a time of growth and abundance. It's perfect for spells focused on success, vitality, and banishing negativity. Lughnasadh, the first harvest bounty fills our baskets. We give thanks for the earth's generosity, celebrating the fruits of our labor. It's a time for prosperity spells, bread magick, and expressing gratitude. Mabon, the day and night reach balance once more, the harvest moon hangs heavy. We celebrate the second harvest and prepare for the coming winter. It's a time for grounding rituals, divination, and honoring the lessons learned throughout the year. Celebrate the turning of the wheel everyday with Paul Bordas The Wheel of the Year Plaque. It makes a perfect gift for yourself or for that magickal person in your life.

- Measures 5 5/8 inches in diameter with a depth of 1/2 inches
- Created from the sculpture work of Paul Borda of Dryad Design
- A breathtaking blend of cast resin and hand-applied red wood finish
- A decorative element for your home or altar
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