• Sterling Silver Hamsa Hamesh Jewish Star of David Protection Talisman Pendant

Sterling Silver Hamsa Star of David Pendant


The symbol of the Hamsa (or Hamesh) is worn as a protective amulet against the evil eye, and as a general good luck charm.  The name originates to "five", the number of fingers on the hand.  This Hamesh features a Star of David (also known as the Seal of Solomon).

  • Measures 7/8 inches (2.2 cm) tall by 5/8 inches (1.5 cm) wide, not including the bale
  • Made of .925 solid sterling silver
  • Single sided
  • The bale fits a chain up to 3 mm in thickness
  • The metal weight is approximately 2.3 grams

You may purchase the pendant alone, or pair it with the perfect chain! You can view our full selection of styles and sizes here.

Stock Number: PS-TPD-4371

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