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Pagan Wiccan Wicca Statuary Wiccan Pentagram Necklaces and Pagan Pendants

The full line of Dryad Design statuary and plaques is now available! Arist Paul Borda's unique work encompasses many Earth-based spiritualities and mythologies.

We carry a unique selection of pendants and rings to adorn and inspire Wiccans and practitioners of Goddess spirituality, including a selection of over 500 pentacle necklaces and pendants.

Key of Solomon Talismans and Amulets for Love, Success, Wealth and Business Norse Rune Viking Jewelry for Asatru and Heathen Traditions
Talisman jewelry featuring sigils lifted from the Key of Solomon, the Black Pullet and other grimiores of the Western Esoteric and Ceremonial Magic traditions. Pendants featuring Valknuts, Mjölnir hammers, magical staves, and runes honoring the Gods and Goddesses of Norse Heathenry.
Moonlight Mysteries

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