• Bronze First Pentacle of the Sun Talisman
  • Bronze First Pentacle of the Sun Key of Solomon Pendant Pagan Wiccan Jewelry

Bronze First Pentacle of the Sun Talisman


The First Pentacle of the Sun is a talisman used to garner respect and obedience. The following is taken from a translation of the Key of Solomon: "This Pentacle contains the head of the great angel Methraton or Metatron, the vice-regent and representative of Shaddai, who is called the Prince of Countenances, and the right hand masculine Cherub of the Ark, as Sandalphon is the left and feminine. On either side is the name 'El Shaddai.' Around is written in Latin: 'Behold His face and form by Whom all things were made, and Whom all creatures obey.'" These seals were lifted from the “Greater Key of Solomon”, a foundational grimoire of Western Esotericism that contains influences of Judaic mysticism/Kabbalah, Roman astrology and Hermetic alchemy.

  • Made of lustrous, solid jewelers bronze
  • Measures approximately 1 1/4 inches (3.1 cm) in diameter
  • Single sided
  • The bale fits chains up to 3 mm in thickness
  • Includes a free waxed cord measuring 24 inches in length with a 2 inch extender

Stock Number: PS-ZPD-2868

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